Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is a world where people with disability are equal citizens.

Our mission is to provide quality, sustainable and flexible services that uphold human rights and create opportunities, empowering you to live the life you choose.

Our values are at the centre of everything we do for our customers, their families, and their support network.

At NLCS, we are:

• Customer focused in our service, and creative in our solutions.

• Courageous in speaking up, and determined in facing challenges.

• Authentic in our relationships, and honest in our conduct.

• Accountable in all our work, and responsible for our actions.

• Respectful of your choices, and embracing of diversity.

• Passionate about our work, and driven by our vision and values.

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Become a No Limits Community Services Speaktank speaker

Increasing disability awareness one story at a time. No Limits Community Services Speaktank is a program which provides the opportunity for people with experiences of disability to educate, raise awareness, stimulate discussions and share their own experiences with a variety of audiences.No Limits Community Services Speaktank aims to empower people to speak for themselves and play an educative role in the community through stimulating discussions, and sharing their own lived experiences of disability. Speaktank speakers may be a person with disability or a family member, carer or volunteer of a person with disability. Public speaking training is provided and we work with each speaker to understand their topics of interest and preferred audiences. We work to match a speaker’s passion and area of interest with the appropriate audience. A member of No Limits Community Services Marketing & Communications team accompanies speakers to events to co-present and assist with questions. Whilst prior speaking experience is not necessary we do believe certain qualities are important in No Limits Community Services Speaktank speakers.

"The job has been a holiday from my studies"

Rachel has been a disability support worker part-time with No Limits Community Services for the past three years, but says her involvement with No Limits Community Services goes back as long as she can remember. For Rachel, it’s been a family affair. She has a brother with cerebral palsy and another brother who also worked as a disability support worker while studying. “My family has been involved with No Limits Community Services my whole life, and I’ve always wanted to have a part-time job in the disability sector,” Rachel said.

How do I prepare for my child's planning meeting?

Information to help you understand and prepare for your child's NDIS planning meeting.