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By making a donation to No Limite Community Services, you can help us to actively support people with disability, their families and carers, in all their diversity, to live the life they choose. No Limite Community Services ability to ensure a fair go for all people with disability is greatly enhanced by the good will of our community to help us make a difference.


No Limits Community Services is committed to supporting our volunteers and valuing their contribution to the customers and the organisation. No Limits Community Services wants all volunteers to feel happy, safe and - most of all - feel that they are using their skills and experience to provide opportunities for others. No Limits Community Services volunteers are not expected to do the work of a paid employee, rather enhance the programs and activities with their passion and enthusiasm. Why volunteer? There are many reasons why people chose to volunteer. To make a difference in people’s lives. To promote personal growth and self-esteem. You get a chance to contribute and strengthen the community. To gain professional experience. To learn and discover hidden talents and passions. What can I do? What are your strengths, skills and passions? No Limits Community Services offers a large number of services to people with disability and you can volunteer across the organisastion.