Our Approach is Tailored

A Approch to each of our clients

This is a model of care which is informed by a philosophy of respecting and valuing every client’s individual needs, including adults and children as individual people in their own right, with their own interests and abilities, and which acknowledges their competencies and ability to make decisions.

Our approach:
  • Encourages hope, empowerment and wellness
  • Supports development of personal responsibility
  • Is community focused
  • Is person-centred
  • Development of internal progression ethos through service
  • Innovation around outreach
  • Co-production culture: building engagement through meaningful activity
  • Social inclusion
  • Recovery
  • Optimism
  • We Specialise in:

    Residential Services

    We provide person-centred specialist residential accommodation for children and adults with Learning Disabilities, Mental Illness and Complex Challenging Behaviours.

    Challenging Behaviour

    We provide a therapeutic approach to managing challenging behaviour with an emphasis on Positive Behaviour Support (PBS). The team assess the nature, frequency and intensity of the challenging behaviour as well as the individual’s level of functioning and communication skills and develop a unique plan to reduce the incidents of the identified behaviours. The team examines any social and environmental factors including daily routine and assess any conditions that cause pain or discomfort. Risk, capacity and safeguarding assessments are also carried out and intertwined into each service user’s individual plan.

    We can offer support during the transition period if an individual has a particularly complex history and also provide specialist workshops and training resources for our staff teams, which focus on specific areas of challenging behaviour exhibited by an individual.

    Children's Services

    We provide excellent care to children and young people from the ages of 8-17 years with complex needs, Emotional Behavioural Disorder and mild to moderate Learning Disability to enjoy and achieve in their aspirations. This is achieved through appropriately trained team members of our support staff who bring a vast experiences and specialisms. We offer the full care pathway for individuals, with the provision of adult services nationwide. We will work with each child to ensure a smooth transition into adulthood.

    Learning Disabilities

    Our priority is to ensure that people with learning disabilities enjoy the same right to a happy and fulfilled life as others. We ensure that individuals in our care feel safe in their environment, are understood and are able to communicate to the best of their ability. Most importantly, with the right support and help, we empower the people in our care to successfully progress to a community-based service that is suitable for their needs.

    Our services have considerable experience and expertise in supporting people with a learning disability to develop independent skills and to live an active and happy life.

    The services we offer are Crisis Admissions, High Dependency, Complex Care, Residential, Supported Living, Short-break Respite and Specialist Day Services.


    We accept emergency, planned and pre-assessed admissions and provide a multi-disciplinary approach. We offer a same day response time to emergency referrals, with a decision on a placement within 24 hours after we receive adequate intake information.

    Autism Spectrum disorder

    We have vast experience of delivering the best outcomes for people with autism and learning disabilities, who may present with behaviours that challenge. We offer emergency, low secure, rehabilitation, intensive support and residential services across Victoria and Northern Territory.

    Alongside our interventions to reduce maladaptive behaviours, our aim is to help the individuals we support to develop life skills and progress through their care pathway to achieve further independence.

    Our emergency crisis admission beds support those who may be in crisis or have high dependency needs – for example, if a community placement has broken down or if they require additional support in an open rehabilitation environment.

    Our low secure and highly specialised rehabilitation services provide support and care for persons with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, who may also have additional mental health needs.

    Our residential services offer residents an organised and efficient care pathway delivered in environments that promote warmth, security, consistency and understanding – essential for individuals who live with autism and its day-to-day challenges.


    Our young adults transition service for people aged 17-21 offers specialist care for individuals who are on their care pathway from children to adult services.

    Mental Health, Rehabilitation and Recovery

    Our safe and comfortable mental health rehabilitation environments help people to rebuild their living and vocational skills, ready to regain their place in the community.

    We offer beds across various services which provide rehabilitation and step-down services to adults with mental health needs and who may have behaviours that challenge.

    The main aim within our mental health rehabilitation and recovery services is to make a positive difference to the lives of our service users by building essential community links and strategies that support re-integration into the wider community through working in partnership with each individual.

    Our model of care is based on an integrated approach whereby family, service users, commissioners and carers are all involved in the rehabilitation and recovery of the individual.


    Our services support those who are experiencing complex mental health difficulties and may require specialist treatment programmes for areas such as challenging behaviours, offending, self-harm, substance, drug and alcohol misuse, addiction, trauma and anger management. All our environments offer high staffing ratios, skill development opportunities and vocational development in a welcoming and nurturing environment, enabling each individual to flourish on their journey. When the time is right, we also provide community rehabilitation, which provides increased independence, and a more outward-looking community-based programme for those requiring additional support before full social reintegration. 

    Primary diagnosis of mental illness with:

  • Complex comorbidities
  • Substance, drug and alcohol abuse
  • Treatment resistance
  • Behaviours that challenge- Aiming for a return to community or community-based care. History of sexual abuse or domestic violence. Typical diagnoses: schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar affective disorder or depression. May have secondary diagnoses of mild learning disability, autism spectrum disorder or personality disorder. May have a forensic history and/or be stepping down from secure services. May have a history of repeated acute admissions.

    Our Young People and Services at a glance:

    Adequate staffing ratios Specialist programmes:
  • Specialist therapeutic and behaviour management intervention for high risk teenager and young offenders including forensic psychology
  • Self-harm, addictions, personality
  • disorder, anger and anxiety management
  • Daily living skills
  • Employment support and vocational/educational development
  • Psychology and occupational therapy led in-house services
  • Acquisition of coping skills and self-regulations