Plan Management


Plan Management supports you in managing your NDIS funds. Our Plan Management team

handles the day-to-day administration that comes with an NDIS plan, such as processing

invoices and keeping track of your fund balance.

What are the options for managing my NDIS Funds?

Plan Management is one of the options for managing your NDIS funds. The other options


NDIS Managed: Getting the NDIS to handle your funds. However, when choosing service

providers, you will be limited to those who are registered with the NDIS. 

Self-Managed: Leaving things entirely in your hands. You will have to organise payment of

your service providers and manually claim the money back from the NDIS.

Many people choose Plan Management because it offers the most choice and flexibility,

saves time and makes managing NDIS funds easy.

Plan Management: Gives you access to both NDIS registered and non-registered service


If you choose to be Plan Managed, a Plan Manager is funded in your plan and must be

an NDIS registered provider. Your Plan Manager will claim directly from the budgets in

your plan to pay your providers on your behalf.

If you choose to use a Plan Manager, they will:

  • Pay your providers for the supports you purchase
  • Help you keep track of your funds
  • Take care of financial reporting for you
  • Depending on your circumstances, they can also help you choose your providers.