Positive Behaviour Support

Behaviour Support

Under the NDIS, behaviour support focuses on person-centred interventions to address the underlying causes of behaviours of concern or challenging behaviours, while safeguarding the dignity and quality of life of people with disability who require specialist behaviour support.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) focuses on increasing a person’s quality of life and decreasing the frequency and severity of their behaviour of concern. At No Limits Community Services, we believe all behaviour has a function or reason behind it.


Our specialist team of qualified and experienced practitioners take a positive and proactive approach. Positive means increasing and strengthening helpful behaviour through learning and reinforcement, rather than using punishment or negative consequences to respond to someone. Proactive means anticipating where things may go wrong and preventing those things from happening, rather than just reacting when things go wrong.


Our qualified team provide holistic supports and training to people with a disability and their support networks.


No Limits Community Services work with the person presenting with behaviours of concern and their support network to:

·       Develop strategies that build on the person’s strengths and are based on developing positive relationships, communication, and coping skills, and on addressing health, environmental and other impacting factors, and

·       Determine the reasons for a behaviour of concern and provide targeted strategies on how to support the person to decrease their reliance on that behaviour to have their needs met.