Respite information

Respite information

Respite information services support people with disability, their families and carers by providing up to date information about respite options in their local area.

These services are available in the Eastern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne and in Gippsland and are known as:

RIDE and RIG also support the development of respite services in these regions through consultation with key stakeholders, the collection of data, and the analysis and facilitation of projects that respond to identified needs and priorities in the sector.

The RIDE and RIG websites also carry up to date information about respite options in these areas as well as sector news and upcoming events.

For respite information services available in other areas visit Respite Victoria.


To find out more about our Respite services, please contact us:
Phone: 03 9831 5600
TTY: 03 9916 5899
Email: respite@No Limits Community Services

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